Labels and bottles


The bottle design is an essential feature of the “Borjomi” brand and is easily recognisable by its blue-green colour, the world famous label and the prominent deer engraving – the symbol of the Borjomi Valley.

Throughout its 100 year history, the design of the mineral water bottle has changed multiple times. The shape and colour of the present day’s “Borjomi” bottle were defined during the Soviet era and this new bottle has joined the numerous members of the modern “Borjomi” family.

This is one of the first “Borjomi” bottles, displayed on a special stand.

Bottles from the turn of the 20th century. The bottle on the right still contains a little Borjomi mineral water from the time.

Bottles from the early 20th century. The bottles on the right have completed the bottling process.

A scale model of the first bottling factory, shown in the “Borjomi” museum. Here, bottles were blown manually and checked beneath light for faults before being filled with mineral water.

A collection of bottles from the Soviet era. There were fewer bottle types than one might expect; today’s label is already recognisable.

Labels of 1907-2000.

Domestic label, 1907-1909

Export label, 1907-1909

First Soviet export label, 1950.

Label for government officials, 1953.

Domestic labels, 1960.

Export label, 1960.

Domestic labels, 1970-1980.

Export labels, 1970-1980.

Label in 1990.

First labels GG&MW

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