Clinical Study Results

Borjomi spring water is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and joint and connective tissue diseases due to its mineral properties. It is also highly recommended for intensive physical activity, working in hot climates or high temperature environments; for people living at high altitudes and those on low calorie diets or who are underweight.

Borjomi mineral water has been used for centuries to treat chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic diseases of the liver and bile ducts, gallstones, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and respiratory diseases.

“Borjomi” and Physical Activity

To keep your body healthy it is vital to ensure that your intake of water is equivalent to the amount lost through sweat and urination. During increased physical activity, a special drinking regime can prevent serious illness from occurring. Drinking lightly salted water compensates for the loss of sodium and helps you feel more energetic. Borjomi water is especially recommended for this as its properties support optimal body electrolyte balance during exercise.

“Borjomi” and GIT Diseases

Numerous studies indicate that Borjomi mineral water can help treat chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, such as enteritis, enterocolitis, colitis, diarrhoea, constipation and food poisoning. The water is also essential in the treatment of liver diseases, such as viral hepatitis, FLD and diabetic hepatitis as it helps to restore the normal functioning of liver cells. People suffering from ulcer diseases and diseases caused by hyperactivity of the upper gastrointestinal tract should drink warm “Borjomi” without carbon dioxide.     

“Borjomi” and Diabetes

People with diabetes can suffer excessive dehydration and should compensate for loss of fluids with a higher intake of calcium bicarbonate, sulphates and sodium salts.

Clinical research shows that adding Borjomi mineral water to complex treatment of diabetes helps the patient to feel physically better. The water also induces positive changes in some haematological, haemostatic and biochemical parameters, which is particularly helpful when treating advanced stages of diabetes.

Microelements found in Borjomi mineral water (copper, sodium, sulphur) stimulate insulin synthesis. The water also restores normal levels of water-salt metabolism, reduces thirst and helps restore normal pancreatic function. 

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