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Borjomi. Water with history. Water-history

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BORJOMI is a brand of water millions of people around the world know and love. Every drop of this water is priceless: BORJOMI is born in Georgia’s volcanic depths, rises many kilometers up to the surface while getting enriched with unique minerals on its way, and then is produced, most carefully, from springs in the BORJOMI Gorge but only in the quantities that could be naturally reproduced.

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BORJOMI: enjoy life

Life consists of the sequence of moments, and what these moments will be depends on us. Conquering mountain peaks or swimming across the Bosporus? Seeing the Seven Wonders of the World and making a selfie with the most famous painting? 

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Healthy benefits

For 130 years, Borjomi has been taking care of us every day, giving us health and pleasure. On these pages we are ready to reveal the secrets of the famous water, which are now especially relevant and can be very useful in the near future.

If you:
- love #borjoming and know how to do it. Even remotely. Especially remotely;
- take care of your health. And of your loved ones. Especially now.

Then make yourself comfortable and prepare for something interesting.
And bring Borjomi with you: it will make everything tastier.

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