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BORJOMI: enjoy celebration

Perhaps everybody loves celebrations. The atmosphere, treats, minutes and even hours of socializing with pleasant people in the right place and at the right time, when you enjoy every moment to the fullest, are priceless… Thanks to its unique properties, BORJOMI helps make these solemn days bright and unforgettable. Starting a celebration with BORJOMI, you will enjoy it much longer!

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BORJOMI: enjoy the taste

For over 125 years, BORJOMI has been an indispensable element of a traditional Georgian feast. Georgians, like no-one else, surely know all about the tasty food and how to enjoy it. So, when you find yourself at a table strewn with dozens of dishes, each having its own vivid taste, it’s hard to retain the purity of perception. A sip of BORJOMI during the feast will reveal the taste of dish you’re having, and make you enjoy every bite like the first one. And volcanic minerals contained in BORJOMI water will bring you the feeling of lightness and pleasure even after a very hearty dinner.

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