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It's been with us for 130 years but it's still vigorously young at heart.

Life is always in full swing around it. Moreover, it is itself is like a legend reborn.

It’s a part of each of us who has discovered Borjomi at least once. The greats of all time, tourists and astronauts, boomers and the newest generations which have not even been given a name by sociologists. Eras changed, countries appeared and vanished, but today just like always with every sip the legendary might of a centuries-old volcano makes our hearts beat in a special rhythm, filling us with energy and health.

This rhythm is now gaining momentum, regardless of its surroundings.

It doesn't matter whether we are online or offline. Whether we are at the mercy of the rhythm of the metropolis or enjoy the lack of 4G. We dance and sing or meditate. What difference does it make if we're 30 or 130?
We have the strength, the desire for adventure and, thanks to this unique water, the health to become a part of history. Stay there for a long time. Continue to create it: just like Borjomi.

130 years is just the beginning and there are so many interesting things ahead!

Borjomi is already providing strength and health to millions of people in over 40 countries, it's discovering the pleasures of an active lifestyle and no less active recreation, and even trying on super-fashionable ‎aluminum "clothing"!
Despite its daring decisions, the legend remains true to its taste, quality, and special properties: providing energy and helping everyone stay healthy. After all, when you are bursting with health, your stories start over and over again!

On its 130th year the famous water boast lots of stories.

One of them is the birthday boy's renewed look.

Although the word ‎"anniversary‎" sounds old-fashioned, the new limited collection is fresh and daring: very true to Borjomi's character.
The brand's totem deer boasts modern graphic design trends and naturally fits into the composition next to its anniversary: 130.

Swiftness and calm, youth and experience, freshness and stability perfectly complement each other on the packaging and convey the meaning of the brand's constant development throughout the entire time line.

It's easy to recognize, tasty to drink, and great to live – what a perfect toast! Happy birthday, legend!

Borjomi. 130 years. It’s just the beginning