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BORJOMI makes New Year’s holiday season longer!

When the New Year is just around the corner, every one of us is already anticipating the holiday, looking for gifts for our close ones, dresses and new recipes for festive meals. During the New Year’s holiday season, a sort of taboo is being imposed on healthy lifestyle, when we can allow ourselves something we have been refraining from the whole year: eating at night, drinking more than usual.

To spend a great holiday season and have fond memories of it, we have a few useful recommendations for you. And before you set on fulfilling them, remember: the feast must begin with BORJOMI! A bottle of BORJOMI before a hell-raising party will invigorate your body and tune you to an excellent partying mood! And now, here come our recommendations.

Enjoy your food on the New Year’s Eve

There is an opinion that it’s better to stay really hungry before the feast, so that you can eat more afterwards. However, you should not restrain yourself on the New Year’s Eve, so that later on, you can enjoy festive food without the hurry and to the fullest. If you are hungry, all you will want is to satiate your hunger, so the taste accents of those special dishes that are cooked on festive occasions only would remain unnoticed. On the eve of the feast, eat as usual: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Refrain from snacks in order not to pall the appetite. And on the New Year’s night, enjoy your food and drinks without remorse! :)

What dishes are the best starters for a New Year’s celebration?

The first thing you should start with is a bottle of BORJOMI. Then, continue with salads, preferably raw vegetable and green salads dressed with aromatic olive oil. After that, you can go for tasty fish or spicy poultry dishes. This approach would prepare your body to enjoy the taste of dishes and counter the upcoming challenges to your stomach.

Tasty, quality alcohol is often an indispensable feature of the New Year’s table, too. Alcoholic beverages are usually recommended to take with food, not with another drink. But if you want to feel the fully revealing taste of wine or another beverage, refresh your receptors with BORJOMI and enjoy every sip!

Which alcoholic beverages may be combined, and which ones should not?

Alcohol is not something where you should excel in diversity. Every strong beverage may have a different effect on us, and not all of them should be mixed. When at a party, you are offered cocktails with time-tested recipes (remember the legendary “mix, do not shake”?) is one thing. Of course, you may want to enjoy a mix of tastes, but just remember when enough is enough. However, experimenting with totally unconventional ingredients or the ones you know little about is, probably, not worth it.

Going to all lengths and trying the entire bar menu in one evening is a real endurance test for your body. You’d be better off staying with one particular variety of an intoxicating beverage. But, if you have the desire to try different drinks, start with lighter ones and then gradually switch to hard liquors.

Does the degree of intoxication depend on weight?

First of all, it depends on the person’s genetic features and a number of other factors.

In other words, certain dependence of the degree of intoxication (blood alcohol concentration) on weight surely does exist. In turn, concentration directly depends on the person’s weight, amount of alcohol consumed and period of time during which this amount was consumed.

But also, one should not forget that every person has a reserve of certain ferments in liver which deactivate alcohol, splitting it into harmless elements. In other words, regardless of weight, there are people who get drunk slowly and the ones for whom one shot is enough. Therefore, you should know your measure and stick to it, in order not to spoil the enjoyment of festivity.

How to combine dishes at a festive table the right way?

What’s the difference between dishes cooked for a festivity and everyday ones? It’s the complexity of recipe, intricate ingredients, nay, the very fact that we do not eat them every day and, therefore, eagerly anticipate the special pleasure of a solemn feast. But tasty, festive meal may not always be good for you from the viewpoint of healthy lifestyle. If right nutrition is paramount for you even on a festive evening, take a careful look at the table, and we are sure that among the great diversity of New Year’s dishes you will definitely find a few that would fully suit you. And for dessert, go for fresh fruits instead of the cake!

How BORJOMI helps enjoy food?

In order to truly feel and enjoy all nuances of the taste of food, do not hurry. Thoroughly chew on every bite or sip an exquisite drink, hold it in your mouth to see how the taste begins to reveal itself and play with new notes. And when the triumph of aftertaste will play the final accord on your receptors, you would surely want to experience this pleasure again and again. To make sure that nothing would blunt the taste, take a sip of chilled BORJOMI before every new dish and while eating it, so that every bite would taste like the first one. Volcanic minerals contained in this water will pleasantly refresh your receptors and prepare them for rediscovery of all gastronomic pleasures of this evening!

How much mineral water does a person should drink to offset the consequences of alcohol intoxication?

If, despite all our recommendations, the party was so great that the enjoyments were too many for one evening, drink 1.5-2 liters of BORJOMI mineral water. Not in one gulp, though – spread this amount over the whole next day, letting carbon dioxide out of it first. So, let nothing mar the enjoyment of holidays and daily routines that will follow them!