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Enjoy your time with friends

Today’s rhythm of life — hard work, business trips, traffic jams — leaves us with little time for simple pleasures, such as getting together with friends. Our schedules are set for weeks (if not months) to come, and even personal meetings during off hours have to be thoroughly “fit” into our each other’s schedules to exclude any obstacle. Therefore, every moment of the long-awaited rendezvous is worth enjoying it to the fullest. And BORJOMI will help share these moments to make them truly memorable. Meeting with friends at a restaurant? Take a sip or two of cold BORJOMI, and the taste of your meal will start to play with new tones, and every bite will “sound” on your receptors like the first time. Spending your time actively? BORJOMI in a 0.33-liter can is convenient to hold and drink while walking, without stopping. Or, perhaps, you’re watching a movie, game or concert? Share BORJOMI with friends, and enjoy every moment spent together!