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Many shapes. One character. Borjomi

Our characters haven’t changed over the year, but our rhythm has changed. We drink Borjomi and move on even faster towards new and more ambitious goals and achievements. We try things out, issue and accept new challenges, and we do not hesitate to show our character when a situation requires it.

There are more and more situations arising every day, and there is a special format of your favorite water for any of them. Can or bottle, 0.33 to 1.25 — there is enough concentration of character in every SKU to finish what you started, celebrate your triumph, defend your opinion, and, if needed, show your character.

Rhythm going at the very heart and dynamics of the video render the strength and power of legendary water impetuously longing to the surface through the kilometers of volcanic rocks. Taste familiar from the first sip, well-known quality, and unique character of Borjomi is emphasized by a noble color Georgian Green through which the brand is being recognized on shelves from afar and at first glance in any form and “clothing” for 130 years. That’s because it’s hard to hide the character.