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About this guide

Smoothies, cocktails, and culinary masterpieces are some of the things that make our life brighter and richer. Face it, if drinks existed solely for the sake of quenching our thirst, our life would be a little dull. We can discover new edges even in the most familiar taste, and at a certain moment, well-known dishes and drinks can shine in a completely different way.

But in order for the well-known drinks and dishes to sparkle with new colors, you need to use the ingredient that will help you feel the indomitable seething of life. True, this ingredient is not a secret one. Borjomi mineral water has been filling millions of people in more than 40 countries with health for 130 years.

This is what transforms drinks and food into a real source of inspiration, and you will feel this after trying to implement several of our suggested food and drink recipes. They are greatly beneficial for our health and well-being, they can evoke sincere delight, charge you with drive, emphasize your favorite combinations of tastes, and even provide enchanting sensations.

Ready to be convinced?


The secret of such popularity of smoothies is in its versatility. What incredible ingredients are in this thick and delicious drink! Fruits, nuts, berries, muesli, vegetables – and many other components add nutritional value and a variety of flavors to smoothies, so lovers of a healthy lifestyle and those who are used to enjoy every day often choose this drink for a hearty and healthy breakfast.

If Borjomi is the main ingredient in a smoothie, get ready for the maximum flow of inspiration, drive, and health! This is the water that has already gone down in history thanks to the power of the majestic and untouched Georgian mountains, which is felt in every sip even today. That's why using Borjomi to make smoothies inspires you not only for your day to day life but also to really become a part of history.


Cocktails are considered holiday drinks for a reason. What, but Borjomi will best complement the fantastic atmosphere with a charge of freshness, inspiration, and a sense of vibrant life that originates from the majestic mountains of Georgia!

Whether it is a New Year's party or a romantic date, board games with friends, or a family dinner - a cocktail with Borjomi always comes in handy. This is a source of not only pleasure but also good health, which will help you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday to the fullest.


Borjomi is the main secret of each dish’s success, which emphasizes the flavors, gives them color, and fills the entire composition with a sense of completeness. This year marks exactly 130 years since this legendary water from the first sip began to give people from different parts of the world the feeling of a rich life, brimming with festive colors, inspiration, and unique pleasure. There is no better combination to experience the true taste of a dish and take a fresh look at it.