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Borjomi rejuvenates their iconic deer in New Year’s campaign
Borjomi — the minerally unmatched brand of Juvenile Water — taps into the wonders of the holiday season in their new year's campaign that encourages the audience to let rejuvenation in.
Borjomi: turning to a new style
IDS Borjomi International continues to implement innovations: the brand’s unparalleled, daring character is now manifesting itself in the renovated appearance of Borjomi mineral water. The bottle we are so familiar with has received a new design and changed the shape of labels and the appearance of its cap. Moreover, even the legendary logo became more modern and expressive.
The Borjomi deer speaks for the first time!

Thanks to the latest augmented reality technology, Borjomi has brought to life its famous deer mascot, which, using a new holiday season app called AR Borjomi, you can now use to record unique video greetings for friends and family this Christmas and New Year!

Borjomi inspires everyone to plunge into festive atmosphere
BorjomiTM announces the start of festivities under the slogan “A holiday for #borjoming”. As part of the company’s New Year campaign, the brand has released a “festive” series of packaging, prepared inspiring video clips and colorful visual stories, and brought together all aspects of festive season under a new word: #borjoming.
Borjomi Gets Ready for the Holidays

IDS Borjomi International and the Banda creative agency have given the month of December a worthy motto to follow: “First – Borjomi, then – holiday!” The launch of the new campaign by the renowned Georgian brand looks to make Borjomi a part of every Christmas and New Year celebration.

Borjomi launches first ever series of holiday-themed packaging

It is the time leading up to Christmas and the New Year and everyone is in a holiday mood. Just the sight of an iconic image steeped in associations of the season is enough to put is in the right frame of mind. Even a bottle of water “dressed up” for the holidays can lighten the atmosphere. And so, in keeping with the spirit of the season, IDS Borjomi International has decided on the cusp of this most cherished time of year to present its first-ever series of Borjomi mineral waters in festive holiday packaging.

The power of volcano in the new form: meet the Borjomi can

In June 2017, legendary mineral water Borjomi presented the new solution for the packed mineral waters category. Now everyone can enjoy the taste and quality of volcanic origin water in the practical aluminum 0.33 liter can.

Kyiv Hosts the 3rd Annual "Borjomi Great Georgian Holiday”

1,008 khachapuri, 357 VR-tours of Georgia, 176 kilometers of gyroscope rides, and more than 20 hours of Georgian music and dance filled the agenda for Kyivites as the city’s magnificent Hryshko National Botanical Garden hosted the 3rd Annual “Borjomi Great Georgian Holiday” this September 30 – October 1. Despite the cool weather, over these two days festival-goers put away 20,000 servings of khinkali and khachapuri, sampled 2,000 liters of wine and 15,000 cans of Borjomi! Nearly 200 kilometers of gyroscope rides around the park and 20 hours of authentic Georgian music and dance topped off the festivities.

You Can Do More with the Power of the Volcano: Borjomi Unveils New Ad Campaign

IDS Borjomi International has been working with the Banda Agency on a new Borjomi ad campaign that focuses on the company’s high-profile 2017 market innovation: the 0.33 liter Borjomi aluminum can.

Borjomi mineral water supplies to Russian market
September 7, 2011, Kyiv, Ukraine. The issue of resumption of the Borjomi supplies to Russia lies within the competence of the Headquarters of IDS Borjomi International (the “Group”). Negotiations and correspondence with the relevant authorities in Russia and Georgia are conducted by the representatives of the Group Headquarters.
Be Healthy with Borjomi

Be Healthy with Borjomi has been a remarkably successful project since September 2010. The project is implemented, under the auspices of IDS Borjomi Georgia, by the governing body of the Tbilisi State Medical University.

Borjomi – a mineral water brand with a history spanning over 120 years
On 20 November 2010 IDS Borjomi Georgia will mark the 120th anniversary of its first bottling by holding festive events in Borjomi and Tbilisi. The anniversary celebrations will come just in time for the launch of a new Borjomi bottle.
Memorandum in support for healthy lifestyle
IDS Borjomi Georgia and Tbilisi Balneology Resort--Scientific and Practical Centre of Health-Resort Managing, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Medicinal Tourism of Georgia are set to sign a memorandum on mutual cooperation.
Borjomi’s anniversary flag flown on top of Mkivartsveri
In the 120th anniversary commemoration of Borjomi, the anniversary flag was hoisted 5000 metres above sea level.