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Be Healthy with Borjomi

Be Healthy with Borjomi has been a remarkably successful project since September 2010. The project is implemented, under the auspices of IDS Borjomi Georgia, by the governing body of the Tbilisi State Medical University. The aim of the project is to offer free medical screening in different communities of Georgia. A mobile group of physicians specializing in various branches of medicine (therapeutist, cardiologist, urologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, venereologist, neurologist, otorhinolaryngologist, mammologist, echoscopist) works in a weekend format, once every two weeks, making screening available, at no cost, for anyone wishing to be tested.

The project has already provided free medical care to over 2000 people in Borjomi, Kvareli, Chokhatauri, Vani and Abasha. A team of doctors will soon be recruited to go out to Koda, a rural area with dense concentration of refugees.

Screened patients fall into the following age brackets:

  • 5-17: 17%
  • 17-45: 34%
  • above 45: 49%

Diseases detected through diagnostic testing:

  • cardiovascular: 21%
  • respiratory: 5%
  • digestive: 12%
  • endocrine: 13%
  • ophthalmologic: 24%
  • nervous: 19%
  • urogenital: 6%

Zaza Kikvadze, Director General of IDS Borjomi Georgia “Our company places a great value on this project, which has allowed over 2000 people to take advantage of screening benefits for free. Timely prevention is a key to improving overall health condition of each individual. The first stage of the project is due for completion in the days to come. I really appreciate the efforts of every doctor in making his or her contribution to our initiative. We are interacting productively with the Tbilisi Medical University to set up a database identifying endemic features of specific regions. The database will eventually be transferred to the Ministry of Public Health”.