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Borjomi – a mineral water brand with a history spanning over 120 years

On 20 November 2010 IDS Borjomi Georgia will mark the 120th anniversary of its first bottling by holding festive events in Borjomi and Tbilisi. The anniversary celebrations will come just in time for the launch of a new Borjomi bottle. The unveiling of the innovative bottle will take place at the Borjomi bottling plant N2.

The presentation ceremony will be attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Georgia, Georgian and foreign businessmen and invited guests. Representatives of IDS Borjomi Georgia’s partners from over 30 countries have already arrived in Georgia for this very special day.

The second half of the anniversary celebration is set to take place in Tbilisi. Borjomi 120th anniversary concert at the Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre (19:00) will bring a new surge of interest to a wide audience.

Zaza Kikvadze, Director General of IDS Borjomi Georgia: “IDS Borjomi Georgia set about the task of sorting out a new bottle design solution in early 2010. The new bottle was shaped in a way to incorporate change while preserving certain traditional features. Such mixed concept was developed to give its due to the predecessor bottle, which was already a very familiar sight on the market besides being able to provoke a gamut of tender emotions. The innovative product appeared as a traditional pale green plastic bottle formed into a much more graceful shape and slightly curved lines. The deer logo which has been Borjomi’s enduring trademark is now more accentuated. Inscriptions and images are brought into a more coherent geometry. The label features the same pattern of red and white colours. The idea of a new bottle design was born out of exhaustive market research. Our customers pressed for the spirit of innovation. And we captured it for them.”