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The power of volcano in the new form: meet the Borjomi can

The power of volcano in the new form: meet the Borjomi can | Borjomi

In June 2017, legendary mineral water Borjomi presented the new solution for the packed mineral waters category. Now everyone can enjoy the taste and quality of volcanic origin water in the practical aluminum 0.33 liter can.

New format is created for the young and active people who are ready for experiments and are opened for everything new. The main idea of creation the new can is the mix of the bright taste of unique volcanic water and stylish design and practical form. Aluminum Borjomi can is handier, the water is cooling faster than in the bottle and you can take the can everywhere you want. Original mineral water is bottling in cans at the Borjomi plant in Borjomi city (Georgia) and supplies more than to the 40 countries packed as well as glass and PET-bottles.

‘We understand that we made adventurous step ahead and did non-standard experiment for the brand. Our company is growing and progressing as well as our customers, so we listen to them and, in fact, we hear them. That’s why the new and practical form for the constant taste and quality of their favourite brand will became great attribute of the impetuous life rhythm’ – says Oksana Pankina, IDS Borjomi International marketing manager.

Aluminum Borjomi can appeared on the shelves from the end of June 2017. The 0.33 liter can have joined the SKU list as well as glass bottle 0.33 liter and 0.5 liter, and PET-bottle 0.5 liter and 0.75 liter