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You Can Do More with the Power of the Volcano: Borjomi Unveils New Ad Campaign

You Can Do More with the Power of the Volcano: Borjomi Unveils New Ad Campaign | Borjomi

IDS Borjomi International has been working with the Banda Agency on a new Borjomi ad campaign that focuses on the company’s high-profile 2017 market innovation: the 0.33 liter Borjomi aluminum can.

The new format takes aim at the Borjomi youth market with its eye-catching new design and the expansion of choice for those who prefer cans to bottles for their beverages. Portable and lightweight for a generation always on the go, whether on the dance floor or enjoying life in the outdoors, the new design puts the power of the volcano right in hand. And judging by the hundreds of appearances it is making in photos and videos posted to social media sites, the new 0.33 liter Borjomi can is trending positively.

With a can in hand the possibilities are endless: this is the concept that the teams from Banda and Borjomi focused on in the new campaign. A series of short, dynamic videos carry a clear message – Borjomi in the new, convenient 0.33 liter can makes the good life even better. With Borjomi, take even greater satisfaction from your travel, from your music, from the food you enjoy, and from your accomplishments, day in and day out.

Oksana Pankina, Marketing Manager at IDS Borjomi International puts it this way: "Our customers are the kind of people who value every encounter in a fast-paced lifestyle and want to make every moment count. We created this new, practical form to match the pace of their lives. The age-old power of their mineral water of choice – volcano-sourced Borjomi – now available in a way that won’t slow them down.”

These high-energy video clips are shot in the style of an Instagram video. Each new story unfolds in a five- to ten-second clip backed with original musical accompaniment and driving home the thought: You Can Do More With Borjomi! The new clips will run on Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, and Georgian television networks as well as on the internet.