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Borjomi Gets Ready for the Holidays

Borjomi Gets Ready for the Holidays | Borjomi

IDS Borjomi International and the Banda creative agency have given the month of December a worthy motto to follow: “First – Borjomi, then – holiday!” The launch of the new campaign by the renowned Georgian brand looks to make Borjomi a part of every Christmas and New Year celebration.

A memorable and glorious holiday season requires equal parts effort and inspiration. With the December rush to finish up pressing assignments it’s too easy to set aside our enjoyment of life’s precious moments. But with the power of the volcano in Borjomi mineral water, every day is one to be lived to the fullest. Keep your mind and body in tune for both the holidays and the busy days of preparation leading up to them, and make every day a day worth celebrating.

Oksana Pankina, marketing manager of IDS Borjomi International explains: "Our new lighthearted animation encourages our audience to stock up on Borjomi for the holidays that the celebration never run short on energy or inspiration. Our specially designed Borjomi holiday-themed pictograms readily convey the holiday spirit with powerful imagery that doesn’t need a lot of explanation.”