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The Borjomi deer speaks for the first time!

The Borjomi deer speaks for the first time! | Borjomi

Thanks to the latest augmented reality technology, Borjomi has brought to life its famous deer mascot, which, using a new holiday season app called AR Borjomi, you can now use to record unique video greetings for friends and family this Christmas and New Year!

Developments in modern technology have made traditional text and audio greetings a thing of the past. Now, using the latest augmented reality technology, Borjomi has developed an app with which you can create novel New Year’s greetings to delight your friends and family. The app, called AR Borjomi, has been launched to compliment the company’s New Year marketing campaign, with its slogan “A holiday for #Borjoming”

The app lets you to record an interactive greetings card using one of the three holiday filter templates. You can then share the video selfie on social networks or send it to your friends via your favorite messenger service.

 “We’re keeping up with the times and the tastes of our customers, following the latest trends in digital technologies, including through developing the areas of virtual and augmented reality,” said Oksana Pankina, marketing manager at IDS Borjomi International.

“For the first time in the history of the brand, we’ve ‘brought to life’ the label of our products so that everyone can send not just a greetings card or a message of congratulations, but a live greeting, sharing real emotions in your own voice with a loved one.

To use the new service, just buy a colorful can or a bottle of Borjomi from our New Year's series and, using the QR code provided, download the application to your smartphone. Then point your phone’s camera at the deer, and follow its instructions to create your own unique virtual greeting for your loved ones.

Borjomi’s talking deer is already available for iOS and Android. You can download it using the QR code on the bottle or can, or by following these links: App Store, Google Play