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Borjomi inspires everyone to plunge into festive atmosphere

Borjomi inspires everyone to plunge into festive atmosphere | Borjomi

BorjomiTM announces the start of festivities under the slogan “A holiday for #borjoming”. As part of the company’s New Year campaign, the brand has released a “festive” series of packaging, prepared inspiring video clips and colorful visual stories, and brought together all aspects of festive season under a new word: #borjoming.

With the New Year just around the corner, you want to forget about all goings and doings like never before and let yourself have fun and totally immerse into festive atmosphere. It’s that fabulous time when you can finally dare to do new, perhaps even crazy things! Borjomi officially confirms: time has come to laugh out loud, play snowball fight and light up fireworks.

‘We tried to create an atmosphere of festivity for our customers, the time has come for #borjoming!’ Oksana Pankina, IDS Borjomi International Marketing Manager says. ‘Bright colors of the new packaging, positive video stories, and Borjomi itself, which has long become an unalienable feature of any holiday, will tune everyone to a lasting fun to get whirled into the carousel of New Year’s miracles’.

To help customers plunge into the atmosphere of holiday season, the company has developed a special product line of Borjomi water in colorful packaging. Harmonious combination of bright colors and fireworks, a modernly stylized figure of a noble deer and the brand’s signature Georgian Green color attract attention to the “festive” line of this product and remind us that the magic time is coming.

A series of funny videos and visual stories illustrate what #borjoming means: sincerely and openly rejoicing, having fun in a bright and unusual style, doing daring things you always dreamed about, and enjoying festive atmosphere to the fullest!