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It has been with us for 130 years but is still fantastically young at heart

Life is in full swing around it. What is there to talk about, it is itself like a revived legend.
It is a part of each of us who at least once discovered Borjomi.

The greatest of all time, tourists and astronauts, boomers and the newest generations, which have not yet been named by sociologists. Epochs changed, states disappeared and arose, but the legendary power of a centuries-old volcano today and always with every sip makes our hearts beat in a special rhythm, filling us with energy and health.

This rhythm is now gaining momentum, regardless of what is happening around

It does not matter if we are online or offline. We are at the mercy of the rhythm of the metropolis or enjoy the lack of 4G. We dance and sing or meditate. What difference does it make if we are 30 or 130?

We have the strength, the desire for adventure and, thanks to the unique water, the health to break into history. Stay in it for a long time. To create it further as Borjomi.

130 years is just the beginning and there are so many interesting things ahead!

Borjomi already in more than 40 countries of the world gives strength and health to millions of people, discovers the pleasure of an active lifestyle and no less active rest and even tries on super-fashionable ‎"clothes"‎ made of aluminum!

Despite the most daring decisions, the legend remains true to taste, quality and its special properties:
to give energy and help all of us stay healthy. After all, when you are full of health, stories begin again and again!

One of the stories of the 130th year of the life of the famous water is the renewed appearance of the birthday man

As old-fashioned as the word "jubilee‎" sounds, the new limited collection is fresh and daring:
it is quite in the spirit of the character of Borjomi.

The brand's totem is a deer made in line with modern graphic design trends and organically fits into the composition next to the round anniversary: 130.

Swiftness and peace, youth and experience, freshness and stability perfectly complement each other on the packaging and convey the meaning of the constant development of the brand for the entire period.

Easy to see, tasty to drink, great to live - great toast! Happy birthday, legend!

Borjomi. 130 years, It’s just the beginning.