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To the 130th anniversary

You are about to see the glorious history of the legendary trademark which became a visiting card of Georgia! Historical eras, rulers, tastes and fashion trends came and went, and so did the appearance of this unique water long known for its healing properties… The only thing that remains unchanged till present day is its unique mineral composition. Today, Borjomi is much more than just a mineral water. It is, without exaggeration, a symbol of the nation, an object of great pride of Georgians, a synonym of Georgian hospitality and an unalienable attribute of generous Georgian feast. Consumers in more than 40 countries of the world know and love Borjomi. Together with Borjomi, take a captivating journey into history, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of this legendary water brand, and get imbued with the spirit of each era and feel the pulse of Tbilisi… Enjoy the viewing!