Production and Bottling

Borjomi Production

All water extracted from the Borjomi Canyon is naturally replenished in the wellsprings. The bicarbonate water contains a unique deposit of carbon dioxide sodium, making each drop of Borjomi water priceless.

Фотография завода

Bottling of Borjomi

A 25km stainless steel pipeline transports the water from the wells to the bottling plants. There the water is cooled and enriched with natural carbon dioxide before being bottled, sealed and labelled.

There are two bottling factories in Borjomi City specialising in glass and plastic bottling respectively. In the last ten years these factories have been re-equipped and modernised to standards which make them industry leaders in terms of production volume and innovation. We employ highly qualified personnel, state of the art European equipment, as well as meticulous observance of the world’s best standards and practices during our bottling process. This guarantees that the quality of Borjomi mineral water is consistently flawless.

Borjomi Factory. Glass bottles.

Control system and standards

Borjomi mineral water is bottled using automated production lines, which ensures that 100% of the water extracted is bottled. The plants hold regular quality control inspections for both the extracted water and the final product using cutting-edge chemical and microbiological laboratories and equipment. The Drinking Water Directive is strictly applied during inspection, along with other relevant European Commission quality standards for drinking water.

Borjomi Factory

National and international experts are employed to perform hydro-geological monitoring of the Borjomi deposit, including Gamma (Georgia), Zenith Consulting (Britain), Antea (France) and SGS Institute Fresenius (Germany). Water samples are regularly sent to Tbilisi and importing countries for external laboratory tests.

Borjomi PET

The “Borjomi” company’s quality control system is carefully monitored at all stages of production, from extraction, to bottling, to delivery. The system fully corresponds to ISO 22000 standards (the most sophisticated system for evaluation of food quality and safety). “Borjomi” was the first mineral water company within the CIS and the Baltic nations to receive approval under ISO22000 quality standards.