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Quality control

Borjomi water is bottled on automated lines of sufficient capacity to handle the entire water production output. In strict accordance with the approved procedure, the bottling plant checks the quality of water with the required frequency at its state-of-the-art chemical and microbiological laboratory complex. All analyses are performed in accordance with requirements of the European Commission’s directives regarding quality of drinking and mineral water.

Control system and standards

Services of local and international experts, such as Gamma (Georgia), Zenith Consulting (United Kingdom), Antea (France) and SGS Institut Fresenius (Germany), are used for hydrogeological monitoring of the Borjomi source. Samples of water are regularly sent to Tbilisi and importing countries for external laboratory analysis.

Borjomi quality control system

Borjomi quality control system allows controlling production process at all stages, from production to bottling and delivery. In addition, this system is fully compliant with ISO 22000, and Borjomi itself became the first mineral water brand in the CIS and Baltic States bearing the ISO 22000 quality standard.