The legendary Borjomi mineral water in the 330 mL aluminum can. Convenient packaging provides more opportunities for active recreation.

The mineral composition of Borjomi water includes:

  • Bicarbonates: 3500-5000 mg/dm3
  • Chlorides: 250-500 mg/dm3
  • Calcium: 20-150 mg/dm3
  • Magnesium: 20-150 mg/dm3
  • Sodium: 1000-2000 mg/dm3
  • Potassium: 15-45 mg/dm3
  • Mineralization: 5.0-7.5 g/dm3
  • Carbon dioxide: 0,6-0,3 %


The logo features the inscription “BORJOMI” in English, made in the original blue and framed in the bronze color. The logo on a can may come in two versions: large logo, placed vertically to the right from the deer, or small logo, placed horizontally on the deer’s chest.

Depiction of deer

Deer is the signature symbol of BORJOMI. Its silverish depiction is located on the front of the can. In the lower part of the depiction is the contracted BORJOMI logo with the inscription below it: MINERAL WATER, made in the signature Georgian Green color.

The color of the can

The color of the can is the combination of silverish “metallic” and noble matte white.

QR code

QR code is located next to information about BORJOMI water’s mineral composition and storage conditions. It contains more detailed information about BORJOMI, retrievable by scanning the QR code using a special mobile app.

Manufacturer’s and importer’s information

The manufacturer’s and importer’s information is provided on the can’s side opposite to the deer’s depiction. Manufacturer: IDS BORJOMI Georgia, а Georgian Branch of IDS BORJOMI Beverages Co. N.V., Tori Str. 39, BORJOMI, 1200, Georgia.

Mineral composition

The mineral composition of the canned water, as well as the water sold in glass and PET bottles, has been the same since 1890.

Canning date, shelf life and batch number

The canning date, shelf life and batch number are printed on the bottom of can.