The legendary Borjomi mineral water in the 0.5 L (16.9 FL OZ) glass bottle. Its premium appearance, signature taste and optimal volume will add savory touch to any feast table.

The mineral composition of Borjomi water includes:

  • Bicarbonates: 3500-5000 mg/dm3
  • Chlorides: 250-500 mg/dm3
  • Calcium: 20-150 mg/dm3
  • Magnesium: 20-150 mg/dm3
  • Sodium: 1000-2000 mg/dm3
  • Potassium: 15-45 mg/dm3
  • Mineralization: 5.0-7.5 g/dm3
  • Carbon dioxide: 0,6-0,3 %

The cap contains the inscription “BORJOMI” in Georgian, with an artistic depiction of the Borjomi Gorge in the background.

The upper front label contains the inscription “BORJOMI” in English against white background. The label is made from special metalized paper.

A raised depiction of a deer is the signature symbol of BORJOMI. It is located in the center of the bottle, between the upper and lower front labels.

The bottle’s special bluish-greenish color, Georgian Green is based on a patented formula.

The lower front label contains the inscription “BORJOMI” in Georgian against an artistic depiction of the BORJOMI Gorge in the background.

The bottling date, shelf life and batch number can be printed either on the right or on the left side of the lower label, depending on the features of production process.

The barcode is applied on the right side of the lower front label. The barcode’s initial digits, 486…, indicate Georgia as the country of manufacture.