How do I make sure that this is authentic Borjomi?
     Borjomi TM has changed appearance. The bottle’s shape became more exquisite, modern and convenient. 
     As before, the color of bottle, both plastic and glass, has the patented signature bluish-green shade, the so-called Georgian Green. 
     Every bottle of Borjomi, plastic or glass, has clear and easily readable labels. Now, there are three of them. The front label is divided into two parts: the upper with the inscription “Borjomi” in English, and the lower with the inscription “Borjomi” in Georgian. 
     Presently, there is only one symbol of deer as the manufacturer’s unalienable attribute, or rather, its raised depiction on the bottle (instead of four on the bottle of former design), placed in the center of the bottle in between the two front labels (upper and lower). 
     The plastic bottle of Borjomi is capped with a white / clear-white plastic cap, and the glass bottle with a metal cap of European standard, which has a characteristic plastic ring underneath, falling apart in three equal sections when unscrewing the cap. In both cases, the cap has the word “Borjomi” inscribed against the red background on the top. 
    The date of bottling, expiration date and batch number is indicated as follows:
DD.MM.YY 00:00 - Date of bottling and time
DD.MM.YY L0000 - the shelf life of products and batch number.
This information is always located in the right corner at the top of the lower label, applied by laser. 
     The entire manufacturer’s information is stated on the back label in the language of the country where Borjomi is sold: in Ukrainian for exports to Ukraine, in Kazakh and Russian for exports to Kazakhstan, and so on. The barcode is printed on the right side of the lower front label.
How long can I keep water in an opened bottle?

The water itself will not lose its main properties for several days. However, carbon dioxide will gradually escape, so Borjomi’s taste may change.

Can I freeze Borjomi?

We strongly recommend not freezing Borjomi. Freezing will cause the water to lose some of its main properties, and the degree of carbonation will decrease.

Is Borjomi water in a plastic bottle the same as in a glass one? Or in a can?

Sure! Borjomi tastes the same whether in a glass, plastic bottle, or an aluminum can. PET packaging was introduced for the convenience of drinking so that you can take it with you anywhere; when going to the countryside, on a picnic, for a stroll, etc. Glass is more of a premium product for a festive table, cafe, or a restaurant. An aluminum can is convenient for drinking while walking, at a concert, or during various activities.

Why does the Borjomi packaging contain the depiction of a deer?

Deer is an unalienable element of Borjomi’s original style. Its appearance on the packaging is attributed to the legend about how a deer helped discover the source of Borjomi. Legend has it that a long time ago, hunters shot a young deer in the mountains surrounding the Borjomi Gorge. The wounded animal dashed away from the hunters and plunged into a spring of water. A few minutes later the deer jumped out of the water, fully recovered, and disappeared from the hunters. Thus, the unique mineral water was discovered, and the gracious noble animal became the symbol of Borjomi. The deer continues to grace the bottles and cans of our water brand till present time.

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